"southern reconstruction cooking." never heard of it? well, familiarize yourself. because it's awesome.

wishbone (two locations : lakeview & west loop) offers this southern reconstruction cooking. their website describes it as: "the style of contemporary american cuisine is steeped in the home-cooked table fare of north carolina, mixed with a dash of creole spice."

since one location is walking distance from my house and the other is walking distance from my office, i've been to both ... for lunch & breakfast.

my most recent trip was for brunch.

one of my favorite things about wishbone is that they offer fresh, house made juices. and a fresh, house made juice is just about my favorite thing in the morning (especially after a night of drinking). so ... um, yum?

i opted for a fresh squeezed beet + carrot + apple juice : 
can you tell there is beets in this? ha. super fresh. super delicious.  enough said. 

for my meal... 

black bean cakes :
spicy vegan patties of black beans served with mango salsa, spinach, home fries & dry rye toast. i also got a side of avocado for good measure. 
(aka to smear on my rye. mmm.)
this brunch was awesome. lots of variety in one meal, which i like. the black bean cakes are delish. maybe a smidge dry. but that's what the mango salsa is for, right? it was a bit sweet for me, but still tasty. the spinach was amazing. olive oil + lemon ... yum. the pots were great also. but potatoes and black bean cakes in one meal is a bit heavy. and obvi you can't go wrong with rye bread and avocado.

i've never been to wishbone for dinner, so i can't speak to what they've got for vegans. but brunch, you're all set. a great place to get some delish breakfast-ish food.