seadog sushi bar.

two key points about seadog sushi bar :

1. located in noble square ... a fun adventure as it's a bit off the normal path for us.
2. byob.

we've been to seadog once before this most recent visit... i had the usual for me at a sushi joint : edamame, gomae, seaweed salad & an avocado roll.

here are the pics :

edamame :
 not sure why i always take photos of this since it literally looks the same at every sushi joint  ... but here it is anyway. fresh & salty. yum.

gomae :
 boiled spinach with sesame dressing.
not going to lie, this is the most unappetizing-looking serving of gomae i've ever had. but it actually was tasty. the sesame "dressing" was great ... a cold peanut butter consistency. my kind of "dressing."

seaweed salad :
 marinated seaweed over cucumber with vinaigrette.
not sure if i've mentioned it before, but i always order seaweed salad and then half way through i decide i actually didn't want it. however, that didn't happen with this one ... it was a smaller portion, which was perfect for me. i added some soy sauce and fresh wasabi. delish. 

avocado roll :
 this was by far the best avocado roll i have ever had. here's why : the avocado was super fresh ... there was hardly any rice (which was appreciated since they don't have brown rice, wah.) ... this made the ratio of perfectly ripe avocado to white rice just right. awesome. 

the fresh wasabi i added to my seaweed salad and avocado roll was amazing. i actually never knew there was something called fresh wasabi. if you've never had it, try it. it's waaaay more flavorful, a more powerful horseradish taste. love it. 

seadog has really awesome sushi & other typical japanese fare ... and the non-vegs at the table couldn't get over how fresh all the fish was. plus! if you're in the mood for great, light sushi, seadog is the place to go.