andies restaurant.

andersonville is super cute. like really, incredibly, super cute. i have never really spent much time up there. but recently, josh and i ventured up to andies restaurant, a mediterranean place up on clark street.

andies is awesome. let's count the reasons why :
 1. the pita bread is amazing. i actually can't explain it. it is so good
 2. they have a special meatless monday menu, in addition to several clearly marked vegan items that are there all the time. this menu also has some gluten free stuff ... i love dietary awareness.
 3. the baba ganoush is vegan & somehow insanely super scrumptious = a+. 

 here's what was for dinner :

hummus, baba ganoush & harresa + pita bread :

if you've taken a glance through my blog before, you probably don't need a description of hummus or baba ganoush, but here they are ... cooked chick pea dip with tahini and lightly smoked eggplant dip with tahini, respectively. this was my first taste of harresa, a mildly spicy roasted pepper dip. all three = yum! the baba ganoush was definitely the best i have had in a really long time. and again, the pita is out of this world. they told me they toss it on the griddle with olive oil ... you can see how that'd make it uh-mazing. 

dolmate :

grape leaves stuffed with vegetables & rice. (order with no sauce!)
these were really, really great. they were served a bit warm, which i really liked (since i've normally had them cold). the tomato sauce it came with (i'm guessing as a substitute for the yogurt sauce) was really awesome, too.  

house greek salad (no feta cheese) :

fresh iceberg and romaine, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, pepperoncini, olives, greek dressing.
a pretty basic greek salad. no complaints. 

vegan & gluten-free lentil soup :
i happen to love lentil soup. and this was a great version of it. really flavorful and the perfect little portion size. delish.

andies restaurant is really great. so so so many vegan options. i'm definitely heading back. perhaps tomorrow for meatless monday. yum.