16 April 2014

new york city (brooklyn) : dun-well doughnuts.

there are two things that i miss a lot since becoming vegan. okay, maybe not miss. but remember quite fondly & think about often. one of those two things is macaroni & cheese. the other? donuts.

this is funny to me because it's not like back in my omnivore & vegetarian days, i was walking around town, eating donuts on the daily. but like so many things we want, but cannot have -- donuts are now a frequent craving of mine.

so particularly when in nyc, i like to seek out & eat donuts. and this most recent trip was no different. a quick, pre-trip google search for "vegan donuts nyc" led me & melissa to one of the most heavenly places on earth: dun-well doughnuts in williamsburg.

dun-well mission statement : 
i'm definitely on board with this.

here's the full story ... "dun-well doughnuts started as a food craving [ed. note : as most great ideas do.] when christopher hollowell (the "well in dun-well" called up his buddy dan dunbar (the "dun" in dun-well) after having watched a simpsons anniversary episode that featured homer's favorite round confections rather prominently. having been unable to find a vegan doughnut in nyc that satisfied his craving, christopher & dan agreed to make their quest to create an amazing doughnut & open nyc's first all-vegan doughnut shop." welp. good job, guys.

doughnut perfection. 
so pretty. 

while i wanted to try all zee dw doughnuts, that would have been both absurd & unacceptable. so we opted for 3 varieties.

here's what we had ...

vegan doughnuts!
almond cocoa joy, chocolate w/ sprinkles, peanut butter & jelly.
we snarfed these puppies down in about 6 minutes ... which led to extreme sugar highs.

the evidence : 
we clearly hated the doughnuts. [sarcasm.] 
they were freaking amazing. my fave was the peanut butter & jelly ... melissa's favorite was the chocolate with sprinkles. but let's be honest, they were all winners.

i already know that dun-well doughnuts will become a staple stop for any & all future nyc trips. i highly suggest you make it one as well. 

dun-well doughnuts
222 montrose ave.
brooklyn, ny 11206

13 April 2014

yummy yummy asian cuisine.

let me start by saying that i loooove chinese food. so when i heard about a vegan/vegetarian-centric asian restaurant, i knew i had to try it immediately. so one night, josh & i ordered in from yummy yummy asian cuisine, located right in lakeview over on broadway.

to put it simply, yummy yummy defines itself as : "home of the smoothie & vegetarian health food." alright, sounds good. and per the recommendation of my vegan co-worker, tnaya, i went with the items below.

here's what i had ...

general tao's soy gluten :
with a vegan egg roll & white rice.
egg rolls are my fave. but there isn't all that much variation between them. as long as they are hot & crispy, i'm in. the general tao's soy gluten i was less sold on, but that's just because it's a sweet & spicy dish ... and sweet isn't my fave when it comes to chinese food. so that was really my bad. i will say though that the texture soy gluten was quite quite good. 

having access to vegan chinese food is going to be a game changer for me. i'm looking forward to trying many more dishes in the near future!

yummy yummy asian cuisine
2901 n. broadway
chicago, il 60657

09 April 2014

new york city : dos caminos.

my first three meals in new york city this trip were repeat visits. but for my second night we decided to try somewhere new ... one of my favorite food types : mexican ... which meant the obvious choice was dos caminos ... with four nyc spots, we opted for the park avenue (flatiron) location.

to sum it up, dos caminos = a "modern mexican cuisine & tequila lounge" ... perfecto.

amigas :
melissa & halley : chicas in the city. 
not pictured : abby & alicia.  
(you may remember alicia, my vegetarian comrade for comidas in nyc.)

here's what we had ...

guacamole :

made fresh to order.
 served with ...
trio of salsas :
 both the guacamole & salsas were delicious. the guac was surriously fresh ... the salsas, lo mismo. the orange one in the corner was even too picante for me! i know, loco.
 dos caminos chopped salad :
grilled corn, poblano chiles, apples, pinto beans, green olives, tomato, crispy tortillas, lemon vinaigrette. sin queso.
alicia & i decided to share this salad & some veg tacos (below) ... the salad? so many tasty toppings = the right way to make a salad. top(ping) notch. get it?

vegetable tacos :
grilled avocado, asparagus, refried white beans, cucumber pico de gallo. sin queso.
i believe my exact words were : "these are the best veggie tacos i've ever had." enough said.

besides the fabuloso vegan food, dos caminos was great for another reason ... our server was so on top of it. like for real. not only was he just generally super attentive, but he was also on his game when it came to figuring out the vegan stuff. they even brought out the wrong dressing on the first try, which he noticed immediately. a+! i wish i knew your name, awesome dos caminos guy ... muchas gracias! 

dos caminos
373 park avenue south
new york, ny 10016

02 April 2014

two things ...


i finally created an instagram account ... check me out : @thechicityvegan ... and don't worry, it won't only be food photos. i'll be sure to throw in the occasional selfie or dog photo.

find me!

second ...

this weekend, i'll be heading back to new york city for some (jk, lots of) vegan eating. keep an eye out for some great nyc food posts! we've already got a few awesome visits planned ...

besties in the big apple :

until then!!