18 January 2017

3 arts club café.

at the last nibble+squeak chicago meet up, one of the moms suggested stopping by 3 arts club café for lunch after taking the babe to meet santa at the 900 building. (side note : best santa in the city.)

i was a little hesitant based on the facts i knew about 3 arts already ... basically, that it's  a "posh haunt inside restoration hardware combining a coffeehouse, wine bar & american restaurant." doesn't sound that baby-friendly, right? but we thought we'd give it a try.

here's what i had ...

green juice & shaved vegetables salad :
baby greens, pecans & cider vinaigrette. 
yum yum yum & more yum. the green juice was from harvest juicery, which i love. the salad was fresh, great flavor & quickly edible as the little one tried to play with a candle. #momoftheyear

okay, so not only was the food & drink delicious ... but everyone who worked there was so.nice. i get a little worried bringing a baby into a cool and/or trendy place and/or somewhere described as a "posh haunt" ... so i was a bit nervous walking in here with a toddler. not only did i not detect any hint of judgement, but everyone we interacted with was so kind & thought the babe was so cute. yeah, it was just lunch on a friday, but still! so 5 stars for food, 5 stars for service & 5 stars for niceness. thank you, 3 arts!

3 arts club café
1300 n. dearborn pkwy.
chicago, il 60610

11 January 2017

graze kitchenette.

even though she works full-time, one of my besties (hi, carly!!) still finds time in her busy weekday schedule to have lunch with me & the baby on the reg. (see mindy's hotchocolate.)

on this occasion, we decided to make it easy for her & head into da loop for lunch at graze kitchenette in revival food hall. like my post on mindy's, this was so long ago that at the time, the cubs hadn't won the world series in over a century. times are a-changin'.

anyway ... our trip to graze wasn't completely out of the blue ... another bestie (hi, ilana!!) works there!! so it was a double whammy lunch spectacular.

ilana had given us the details about graze ahead of time, so i was pretty pumped to try it out ... "the chef-driven, quick-service food stall [serves] burgers & bowls, dishes from opposite ends of the food spectrum." yuuum.

here's what i had ...

butternut squash smoothie bowl :
butternut squash with quinoa, coconut, granola, pecans, pumpkin seeds, apples & goji berries.
ok, i'm honestly such a slacker that this item isn't even on the menu anymore ... but lemme tell you, it doesn't matter because all the smoothie bowls are #toolegittoquit ... oh, & all are vegan! (i repeat. all.are.vegan.) this one in particular was exceptionally delicious ... even the pickiest babe in the world enjoyed a few bites!

this is the kind of meal that puts my morning banana kale smoothie to shame ... it makes me think i should try a little harder, but what's the point? we'll just head to graze. you should, too. 

graze kitchenette
revival food hall
125 s. clark st.
chicago, il 60603

04 January 2017

mindy's hotchocolate.

hey, veggies!! happy new year!! let's get things started off right ...

the babe & i went to lunch with one of our favorite gal pals (hi, carly!!) at mindy's hotchocolate several months ago. i mean, several. like ... it was still warm & sunny out. the food was so good, the meal wasn't even ruined by the fact i dropped my phone on the sidewalk out front before we walked in & cracked the screen! (i blame the baby.) 

anyway. hotchocolate is legit. here's the about from their facebook page : "through our network of artisan farmers & friends, we are able to connect the producer & the consumer & provide a uniquely enjoyable dining adventure. whether it is a casual lunch, a leisurely weekend brunch, a delightful dinner or a late night dessert rendezvous, hotchocolate continues to be one of chicago's most unique dining destinations." casual lunch : check!

here's what i had ...

tomato soup :
this red may be enhanced by instagram, but the flavor was not. i love tomato soup ... so with a version this good, i could basically have eaten a vat of it. plus fresh pan? come on! 

avocado toast :
avocado, brussel leaf salad, pickled onion on multigrain. 
also delicious. maybe a little too crunchy for the bread, but i could look past that. overall ... majorly nom-worthy. 

so many reasons to love mindy's hotchocolate ... the food is legit. vegan options a plenty. cool atmosphere. baby-friendly at lunch on a friday. i can't vouch for the other days. head there ... stat!

1747 n. damen ave.
chicago, il 60647

04 December 2016

hero coffee.

guys, i've been slacking like woah lately ... i mean, seriously ... i even dined at a new restaurant this past weekend & completely forgot to even any photos. (btw, i was at ema ... even though there were no chef sightings, it was delicious.) so, sorry. but at least my insta-game has been on point. anyway. i'm going to make one of my new year's resolutions to get back into & be more active in the blogging world ... so until then, here's a mini i've had in my back pocket for a while.


sometimes, you're drawn into a place because of their chalkboard sign advertising lavender lemonade (something i can never pass up) & it's the middle of august (i said i've had this one for a while!) ... but you walk out with a vegan donut.

where might one find a place like this, you ask? well, just down the street in roscoe village, there's one by the name of hero coffee.

the "our story" section of their website basically talks about coffee, which, as this is a blog about food, does not apply here. so i'm just going to skip that & let you know they have vegan donuts from west town bakery on the reg.

chocolate donut w/ chocolate frosting & sprinkles :
a thing of beauty. 
tasty, too.

nice to know a sweet treat is hiding in plain sight at hero coffee ... may have to walk down & grab one for breakfast this week, pending snow. who's with me! 

2111 w. roscoe st.
chicago, il 60618