04 December 2016

hero coffee.

guys, i've been slacking like woah lately ... i mean, seriously ... i even dined at a new restaurant this past weekend & completely forgot to even any photos. (btw, i was at ema ... even though there were no chef sightings, it was delicious.) so, sorry. but at least my insta-game has been on point. anyway. i'm going to make one of my new year's resolutions to get back into & be more active in the blogging world ... so until then, here's a mini i've had in my back pocket for a while.


sometimes, you're drawn into a place because of their chalkboard sign advertising lavender lemonade (something i can never pass up) & it's the middle of august (i said i've had this one for a while!) ... but you walk out with a vegan donut.

where might one find a place like this, you ask? well, just down the street in roscoe village, there's one by the name of hero coffee.

the "our story" section of their website basically talks about coffee, which, as this is a blog about food, does not apply here. so i'm just going to skip that & let you know they have vegan donuts from west town bakery on the reg.

chocolate donut w/ chocolate frosting & sprinkles :
a thing of beauty. 
tasty, too.

nice to know a sweet treat is hiding in plain sight at hero coffee ... may have to walk down & grab one for breakfast this week, pending snow. who's with me! 

2111 w. roscoe st.
chicago, il 60618

16 October 2016

the bristol : brunch.

time for another round two! this time, i went back to the bristol in bucktown / wicker park for brunch. (for deets on my first visit a couple years ago for dins, take a peek here.)

anywho, as a reminder ... "the bristol has become a staple for chicago's local dining crowd, off-duty chefs, & visiting gastronomes looking for a great dinner or sunday brunch." as an established member of chicago's local dining crowd, i can attest to the truth of this statement.

here's what i had (in addition to a delicious mimosa, not pictured) ...

chilaquiles :
i know what you are thinking. is she really about to tell me she ate soggy tortilla chips + some sautéed veggies & say she loved it? why yes, yes i am. this was sooo good. the flavor was legit & i don't mind a little sogginess. however. would it be majorly improved with a little tofu scramble on top? a resounding yes.

as a side note, i always wonder why more restaurants don't just have tofu for their veg patrons. it doesn't go bad that quickly & it's pretty easy to prepare. any restaurant insiders have the scoop? 

breakfast potatoes :
hot damn, these were awesome, too. i mean ... potatoes. what's not to like?

i've said it before & i'll say it again. i sometimes hate brunch. but even if this meal was a little weird & missing something, i was still all about it. i definitely cpc'ed that chilaquiles dish. (that's clean plate club for those not in the know.)

maybe if the chef is listening, they'll get a little tofu round those parts & really up the tortilla game for the veg crowd. until next time ...

the bristol
2151 n. damen ave.
chicago, il 60647

09 October 2016


i said it on my instagram, but ... !! ATTN. CHICAGO !! bareburger has officially arrived in lakeview!

backing up ... i first visited bareburger in new york city a couple years ago. (if you wanna do a bareburger #tbt, take a read. and if you wanna #lol, take a look at the comments section. fa realz.) i loved my meal so much, so i was thrilled when jerry, a partner at the newly opened bareburger chicago, emailed me to let me know they were coming to our fair city.

as a reminder, bareburger purveys "organic & all-natural burgers, snacks & shakes." the cool thing is just how many vegan options they have.

so the chi city husband, baby & i moseyed over for the bareburger friends & family opening. here's what i had ...

be my burger ... build-yo-own vegan burger :
look at this delicious beauty. perfect veggie patty + fresh veg + crunchy pickles + tasty sprout bun? = one ultra nom-worthy burger. we also had some french fries, which, i mean, you can never go wrong with. (let me tell you, the fries were a hit with le bebe.)

bareburger is thebomb.com for a couple of reasons.

1. as explained, the plethora of vegan option. 2. they've got a new vegan shake, which is going to be the first thing i order at our next visit. 3. i'm told the non-vegan stuff is also incredible, so all your non-veg friends can enjoy themselves, as well. 4. ultra family-friendly. didn't use to be important to me, but now. it is! deal with it.

bareburger is definitely going to become a regular spot for us ... hope to see you there??

3357 n. lincoln ave.
chicago, il 60657

07 September 2016

piazza bella.

the babe's first birthday was a few weeks ago ... between the rainy weather & the last minute things we had to do for his party the next day, we couldn't have the fun birthday day that i was planning in my mind. but luckily, we were able to do our first birthday dinner out as a family in our new hood ...

one thing i love about roscoe village is that the restaurants don't get as packed as the ones in southport corridor. so at 5pm, i was able to take a quick glance at open table & see that piazza bella had a 5:15pm reservation open. i snatched that up & off we went.

the about : "whether you are seeking a romantic dinner for two or a grand reception & everything in between, piazza bella offers a superb dining experience." in our case, a speed-eating dinner for three (you never know how long a baby will sit still for ... luckily, he nommed on breadsticks the whole time.)

here's what i had ...

piazza pasta prefirita :
bucatini pasta with basil & garlic tomato sauce.
sometimes the worst photographs = the tastiest meals. 
this looks like something i threw together in 5 minutes, but tasted heavenly. i expected to get pizza for dinner (pizzas are not vegan there, wah) ... but i was kind of happy i got to devour a bowl of pasta instead. i tried to give some to the baby, but he just threw his noodles on the floor. typical.

piazza bella is definitely going to be a new go-to neighborhood spot for us ... super kid friendly, super tasty food, super crisp bubbly. into it!

piazza bella
2114 w. roscoe street
chicago, il 60618