portland, or : sweetpea baking company.

woah. only two portland posts left ... both awesome, per usual. this one is another recommend, but i cannot for the life of me figure out who told me to go here. if it was you, can you please tell me?? 

ok. so on our last full day in portland, we decided to do some more "hiking." i use quotes, because ... well. i don't know that anyone could call us wandering around mount tabor hiking. but that's what we did! i also pretended i was a character on grimm for a hot sec ...

willahara grimm.
i'm embarrassingly lame.

anyway. we decided to pick up some breakfast & bring it with us on our "hike." so off we went to  sweetpea baking co. again, who told me to go here?? 

le about? "our focus is on making quality vegan baked goods that will rival any counterpart. we have set out to prove that no animals need to be harmed to make a delicious moist cake, a soft doughnut, or a flaky scone." nomz. 

exhibits a & b of the above :

josh & i decided to share a cinnamon roll & then i got a very specific bagel order, that was also given to me. here's what we had ... 

everything bagel :
chipotle cream cheese, cucumbers, tomato. 
tasty, delicious carbiness. 

cinnie bun :
can't go wrong. ever.

sweetpea baking co. ... pdx brekkie perfection. 

sweetpea baking co.
1205 se stark st.
portland, or 97214

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