jinya ramen bar.

here's a weird one ... i went to jinya ramen bar in east lakeview a couple months ago. three weeks later, it was closed! no idea why ... but since it's kind of a mini chain/franchise situation, i figured i'd still share this post for those who google them from a different city.

ok, so first ... "imagine a world where eating ramen is an everyday ritual." k, i can get on board with that ... & that's what jinya is all about.

the menu has a permanent vegan option on it, so here's what i had ...

spicy creamy vegan ramen :
vegetable broth, tofu, onion, green onion, spinach, crispy onion, garlic chips, garlic oil, chili oil, sesame seeds + thick noodles.
tbqh ... this was good, but not great. given how many nom-worthy ingredients are in here, it was kind of ... bland? i definitely wouldn't call it spicy. but we all know, i'm kind of a spice queen. so it might be fine for others. i thought both the tofu & the spinach could use some amping up. 

so what am i saying here? i'm not all that sad that jinya is gone. we've got some legit, bomb ass ramen in this town. so jinya won't be missed. check slurping turtle or wasabi/ramen takeya to start.

jinya ramen bar

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