moe's asian bistro.

ok, here's another just okay one from chicago ... & it's kind of a shorty. womp womp. a couple months ago, josh reeeeally wanted dim sum. he had tried moe's asian bistro in the past & decided to go for it again.

luckily, moe's offers "delicious chinese & japanese cuisine" ... so i knew i'd be safe on the japanese / sushi side. but, i mean, just not that exciting.

here's what i had ...

 veggie roll, avocado roll & seaweed salad :
let's be honest. all of this was just fine. 

this was kind of a "life-of-a-vegan-at-an-asian-bistro" situation. nothing bad to report, nothing amazing. just your fine, basic veg sushi & seaweed salad. so there. 

moe's asian bistro
1353-55 w. fullerton ave.
chicago, il 60614

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