portland, or : petunia's pies & pastries.

ok, something is legit wrong with me ... because we decided to go out for dessert after our enormous dinner at departure. (if you recall, this was the meal where the server even thought i was over-ordering. so the fact that i decided there was room for more food, is beyond. although, let's be clear. there's always room for dessert.)

anyway! petunia's pies & pastries was another recommend from kilee, the pdx vegan. in fact, she said it was "hands down, favorite bakery." i get why .. petunia's offers "best darn baked goods you will ever have. they happen to be gluten-free & vegan." self- described, but still!

let's keep in mind that we did share this time ... here's what we had ...

birthday cake :
coconut cake w/ vanilla buttercream & rainbow sprinkles.
give me any form of any cake any time & i will be happy. especially vanilla. i mean, just so good. 

whoa-reo sandwich cookie :
w/ vanilla buttercream.
two chocolate cookies with buttercream in the middle? what could be bad? 

buster bar :
peanut butter cookie crust, peanut butter cream filling, chocolate ganache & sea salt.
i know some people aren't that into peanut butter ... i am not one of them. i love peanut butter. this is truly an amazing peanut butter bomb. so if you're not down with the pb, steer clear. if you are, get in line stat. 

not only are the sweets at petunia's delicious ... it's also just a super cute little shop. i get why kilee recommended so highly ... because now, so do i! 

petunia's pies & pastries
610 sw 12th ave.
portland, or 97205

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