end of an era ...

well, gang. the time has come... time to pass the torch. time to move on. time to say goodbye! this is officially my last blog post. 

with two kids now (i know, i know. what was i thinking?? & two boys no less... gulp.), i don’t see myself going out & about as much, trying new restaurants, being food adventurous, etc. 

and as much as i love some good delivery, not sure how many posts from my kitchen counter anyone would want to endure. (it’d have to be some pretty damn good carry out to warrant writing about it at this point! ... although, i'm on the hunt for a new non-vegan thai place that does vegan red curry ... any suggestions?)

anyway, i’ll still keep the blog site up as a reference for all you local & visiting vegans out there ... & will remain active on social media, so feel free to follow me there: instagram. facebook. twitter. ... but the new posts are on hold here now indefinitely. 

it’s been a great (almost!) 7 years!! thanks for following along & reading ... all 467 posts i've done! say hi on socials! until then ... 

peace out!
xo, halley


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  1. See you on social media! Congrats to you for keeping your blog up as long as you did. I had to bail when I had just one kid to juggle :-)

  2. Crazy to see you go, I've been keeping up with your blog for 3 years, the first year in contemplating moving to Chicago (and trying to make sure there will be enough vegan food to eat!) and now having lived here for 2 years, checking out the places I need to add to my own list. Enjoy every moment you can with your little kiddos as they grow!


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