big star.

it's kind of unbelievable that, until a couple weeks ago, i hadn't been to big star. i mean, who hasn't been to big star?! so when it was time for a pre-baby dinner with one of my besties (hi, jessie!), big star was the selection.

i'm sure everyone else has been here already, but here's what they're all about anyway ... "big star is a bourbon & beer-focused, taco-slinging, late-night honky-tonk ... inspired by authentic mexican street food." need to go back when i can have a real drink!

here's what i had ...

chips, salsa & guac :
verde & chipotle salsas. 
literally never bad. i love me a smoky salsa, so i was extra into this. plus, chips. duh.

tacos :
taco de yuba guisado : yuba tofu, guajillo salsa, white onion, cilantro.
taco de zanahorias : mole-spiced carrots, pumpkin & sesame seeds, almonds, cilantro. 
the tofu taco was interesting. i really enjoyed it. the carrot one was also good, but improved by adding some smoky salsa on top. 

ok, so now i get the hype! big star is legit ... & with 2 vegan tacos on the menu (maybe 3? not sure about the mushroom one, obv didn't get that.), really cannot complain! so if you're a weirdo like me & have not been, get over there asap. if you have, feel free to roll your eyes at this post.

big star
1531 n. damen ave.
chicago, il 60622

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