vegan shoes.

let's break from food and move on to fashion for a bit. (like a supermodel, amirite?)

i started eating vegan almost two and  a half years ago ... and starting in 2012, i decided to try to start living a little more vegan ... basically, i decided to start to try to stop buying leather.

*note : i haven't stopped wearing the leather i already have ... 
not ready to give away my louis vuitton or perfectly broken in boots just yet.

anyway, being a shopping addict, i thought this would post a significant problem for me and my shoe collection ... meaning it would stop growing at it's constant rate. however, this was not the case. plenty of websites have vegan shoes, whether or not they market them that way.

my favorite source at the moment is aldo shoes ... they clearly note their materials on the website. and during a recent trip to the store, one of the girls taught me how to read the coding for shoe materials.

this nifty website (where all the images and information comes from) explains it as well, but here's the gist ... the bottom of shoes have a little sticker with a bunch of symbols on them. here's what they mean :

on the left side of the sticker ...

 this represents the outside of the shoe.

this represents the inner lining of the shoe.

this represents the outside, bottom of the shoe.

 on the right side of the sticker ...

this symbol indicates that the shoe contains leather. vegans : stay away!

this symbol indicates that the shoe contains coated leather. vegans : stay away (again)!

this symbol indicates that the shoe contains fabric or textiles. vegans : rejoice!

this symbol indicates that the shoe contains other man-made (vegan!) materials (like rubber). vegans : rejoice (again)!

so, vegans & non-vegans alike ... hope you've learned something. otherwise, continue about your day. 


  1. Thanks for the great post Halley, and showing people the symbols to look out for! :) I also wanted to share with you some news...Chicago is getting an all vegan/eco/ethical shoes and accessories boutique!, or Facebook and Instagram at AmourDeLaTerreOP

    1. wow, great news! let me know when you are open and i'd be happy to share the news!


  2. Wonderful, thank you so much! We are open now actually! We opened our doors for the first time on August 6th, but this weekend (August 22nd-24th) is our Grand Opening! We'll have some snacks and a raffle...hope to see you there! :)


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