schubas tavern & harmony grill.

i generally eat tofu in some sort of asian cuisine. so when i can get it in something else, i jump at the chance.

that's where schubas tavern & harmony grill comes in. located just a few blocks from our apartment in lakeview, schubas' harmony grill is a great spot for food, drinking and music. they focus on "regional american cuisine," which seems to me to have a southern flair of sorts. their specialty is mac & cheese. not vegan, but good for the non-vegs to know about. my husband also claims that they've got the best buffalo chicken sandwich in the city.

anywho, we've gone to schubas several times for brunch on the weekend (bloody mary + mimosa specials? yes, please!) ... but we recently discovered how amazing their dinner menu is. lots of vegan options, so obviously i love it.

here's what i had on the most recent visit :

vegan tomato soup special :
  a basic tomato soup. but super fresh, super light & super yum. 
pretty much my favorite food qualities.

vegan tofu chili :
 i know, i know. two soup type dishes? this was not normal, but i really wanted to try to vegan tomato special, so i went for it. i looove this vegan chili. it comes with tortilla chips, which i think is pleasantly unusual and fun.

tofu tacos :
 two tacos with red onion, cilantro, tomato, avocado & tofu.
my absolute favorite. the tofu has a bit of a smoky grill taste. mmm.
these tacos are (again) super fresh, super light & super yum.

schubas' harmony grill definitely gets an a++ in my book.
plenty o' vegan options & mucho deliciousness.

oh - another note. they wanted our table for a big party coming in ... so the owner offered us a free round to move tables. um, awesome?