hub 51.

hub 51 is another awesome / delicious lettuce entertain you restaurant. this one is located downtown. as per their website, the goal in developing the menu was to "create food we [owners : the melman brothers] like to eat ... " in reality, this means tacos, burgers, huge salads, sushi rolls, nachos ... a grand idea.

our server (and close friend of the chi city vegan) had done a little pre-research on which items were vegan. and it turns out, quite a few are and a tasty meal was had.

here's what we ate:

guacamole :

henry farms avocados, fresh tortilla chips & roasted tomato salsa.
can't go wrong, really. the guacamole was nicely whipped and the roasted tomato salsa? mmm.

three green bites :
edamame, blistered padrone peppers & tempura green beans. 
if you remember my post on café ba ba reeba, you'll recall my obsession with their fried peppers. well, hub 51's got the same amazing peppers. (all the way in the back there.) awesome! the tempura green beans & edamame were also quite delish.

garden roll :
beets, avocado & cucumber. 
i didn't actually order this sushi, but two of my friends did. they even went so far as to say it's their favorite vegetable sushi roll. i'm definitely going to try this next time.

"green" vegetarian tacos :
simply grilled peppers, asparagus & zucchini with lettuce cup shells, tomato slices, guacamole, pico de gallo, roasted tomato salsa & black beans. (also comes with rice and actual tortillas, but i wasn't in the mood.)
not much to say about this entree besides yum. super fresh ... aka the perfect dinner.

if you're looking for a place to go for a fun night out with friends, this is definitely the spot to try.
hub 51 is great : great atmosphere, great drinks (try the hub punch part deux) & great food.