i am not lying when i say that i drive past zachi, a little mediterannean place near the corner of southport & belmont in lakeview ...

"zachi means tasty ... it's as simple as that." zachi's website made this post pretty easy ... because the food at zachi = tasty. really. as simple as that. ha.

furthermore, josh called to verify vegan-osity and the person he spoke with knew what that meant with no explanation. double win for zachi!

here's what i had ...

a variety of zachi items :
counterclockwise (cause that's how i roll) : falafel, hummus, baba ghanouj, baby pita, chili pepper sauce.
falafel = fresh & crispy. perfect.
hummus = something about this hummus made it amazing. it was sooo good. maybe light on the tahini or something like that? i have no idea, but it was so good.
baba ghanouj = same thing. just sooo light & delicious. 
oh, and i really loved the smaller size pitas that everything came with. 

i've said, "let's try zachi!" to josh about 1,000 times. so finally ... we did! and i can't wait to go again. you should, too.