cabo san lucas, mexico : la galeria restaurant.

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i'm the kind of vacationer who likes to do a lot of things when i travel. so after a day poolside, i was ready for a night out.

luckily, we were headed to the cabo san lucas marina ... imagine lots tons of restaurants ... and therefore, tons of people trying to get you to come into their restaurant. a touch overwhelming. oh well.

we had pre-planned to go to la galeria restaurant ... where chef rodrigo cabeza de vaca "has created his own style that mixes thai with maya, italian with aztec, french with poblano and japanese with mexican."

it's true. the menu is huge ... and quite eclectic. but the best part? they have a whole vegetarian section. with many dishes easily adaptable to vegan.

here's what i had ...

gourmet bruschetta :
cherry tomato tossed with garlic, basil, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil over homemade baked bread.
this was literally the best bruschetta i have ever had. i don't know if it was the fresh tomatoes & basil on top ... or the fact that the bottom was soaked with balsamic & olive oil. (actually, it was the balsamic & olive oil.) delish. 

veggies grill platter :
farm selected vegetables, grilled with a touch of rosemary, along with charcoal roasted garlic, tossed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
this is your basic vegan dish. sauteed veggies in a light balsamic vinegar sauce. that's not to say it wasn't tasty! i had already filled up on the amazing bruschetta, so a lighter dinner was perfect.

i'm assuming that many of the restaurants on the marina are similar in that their staff speak perfect english ... it's definitely the most touristy area of cabo ... so this was an easy peasy place to confirm vegan items. and it's fun location makes it a definite stop for vegan cabo-goers.