adobo grill.

only i decide i want mexican food three.days. before i leave for vacation in mexico. oh well. so off to adobo grill (located on wells in old town) we went.

although, it actually may not come as a surprise ... in writing this blog, i've noticed that i go through phases of food types ... spring was mediterranean, summer was italian, fall was sushi ... winter? winter is clearly mexican.

anywho, i had been wanting to try adobo grill for some time ... so when a groupon popped up, i had to grab it.

here's what i had ...

salsa & jicama chips :
smokey salsa & crisp jicama (for the gluten-free patrons)? delish. and as we know, i do love dietary awareness. so having a special gluten-free menu (even though i'm not gluten-free) is just so nice. 

guacamole :
famous guacamole, prepared tableside!
love me some tableside guacamole. sooo good. 

veggie enchiladas :
peppers, black beans, tomatillo salsa. no mushrooms. no sour cream or cheese.
the typical vegan mexican plate ... it normally came with butternut squash & mushrooms, but since i don't like mushrooms ... we did a sub for sautéed peppers. yuuuum.

adobo grill is a great place for vegans ... when i was explaining to our server that i don't eat meat, dairy, any animal products, yada yada ... he said, "so you're vegan?" why yes, kind sir, i am! so not only is the food great ... their staff is also fantastic ... !!!

side note : it's right next to second city ... so if you're looking for a place to grab a bite before a comedy show, it's the perfect place