cabo san lucas, mexico : misiones de kino.

post #2 of 6 from cabo san lucas. 

yet again ... we will not feature mexican food, just yet. our second stop in cabo was misiones de kino, "where mexico and little italy meet for a true culinary experience." fa realz. i know, mexican + italian doesn't sound so great. but it is ...

misiones de kino is lovely. when you pull up, you may wonder where you are. from the curb, it's doesn't look all the special. but once inside, the actual restaurant is adorable & staff are all very very friendly.

here's what i had ...

linguini pasta : 
linguini topped with capers, plum tomatoes, kalamata olives ... sub olive oil instead of gorgonzola cheese sauce.
no comment on delicious-ness ... see next photo ...

post-linguini :
'nuff said.

here's a bit of a disclaimer. when in mexico ... i didn't always fully explain "hey, i'm vegan." i did more, "i don't eat meat, cheese, milk, eggs, animal products." just easier. but, in this instance ... i did not ask if the pasta was vegan. i made an assumption. and in explaining the animal products bit, our server did not comment on the pasta ingredients. so again, i made an assumption. 

here's why ... in mexico. not homemade pasta. pretty certain it was vegan pasta, as most regular pasta is.

so there you have it. misiones de kino is lovely. tasty food, kind staff, great atmosphere. check it.