cabo san lucas, mexico : maca.

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if you are vacationing in cabo san lucas, mexico ... you absolutely must go to maca, a new (only 6 months old!) restaurante & taberna española. maca features "tapas, kebabs, mediterranean & spanish dishes ... all accompanied by wines from the world." ok, amazing. here's why ... 

1. our server was sooo nice. when i asked about non-meat, non-dairy, etc. etc. items, he said, "oh, you are vegan? good for you!" and then proceeded to cut strips of meat off a cured pig leg. but that's okay. he knew what a vegan is and, therefore, is quite awesome. 

2. the owner of maca is sooo nice. he chatted with us for a while ... recommended a few menu items ... explained a bit about their fantastic wine selection ... & sang us a lovely spanish ballad. ok, not that last thing. but still, he was just such a nice guy. 

3. the restaurant aesthetic is seriously beautiful.

4. and most importantly, the food is delicious. i'm talking authentic spanish food level delicious. in place of menus, all their offerings are listed on chalkboards ... because their menu changes extremely frequently since all their ingredients are local & organic. loves it

here's what i had ...

various pans & tomato/garlic spread :
tomato/garlic spread really brought me back to my study abroad days in madrid. so delish. please note -- it was obvious which of these breads were not vegan ... egg wash, stuffed w/ cheese ... i just stuck with the dry french bread. still so tasty with the tomato/garlic.

steamed artichoke :
normally comes with lemon butter.
it's no secret that i love me some artichokes. this was no exception. it was literally steamed to perfection ... the leaves were sooo tender. i might go so far as to say this is the best artichoke i've ever had at a restaurant. (at a restaurant. at home, my mom makes the best vegan stuffed artichokes around. no joke.)

vegetable paella :
as you may recall from my post on misiones de kino ... 
see below.
post-paella : 
again, 'nuff said.
and yet another best (!!!) ... hands down the best paella i've had to date ... including in spain. perfectly cooked, fresh veggies, overall flavor exactly as you'd want it in paella. 

it's safe to say that maca is my new favorite restaurant south of chicago. and let's be honest, that covers a lot of ground. it's a definitely a must-try place ... so get down to cabo san lucas just to go to maca ... now