cabo san lucas, mexico : nicksan.

hello, lovely veggies! hope everyone had a lovely holiday season ... let the 2013 year of eating begin!

we'll start this year off a little differently ... as you may or may not know, i recently ventured down to cabo san lucas, mexico for a little r&r. and i found six (yes, six!) restaurants that could easily accommodate vegans. some knew what a vegan is, some didn't ... and some i didn't even try to explain. but i will say that it was a very successful trip in finding vegan eats. 

anyway ... our first stop : "stylistic sushi & seafood dishes" at nicksan, a japanese restaurant located right near the downtown/marina area. 

i know what you are thinking, "really? first post from mexico is sushi?" why, yes it is. here's what i had ...

green salad :
mixed organic greens with sesame seed dressing. 
this is your run of the mill japanese green salad. quite delish. 

vegetable roll
carrot, broccoli, avocado, asparagus, cucumber.
again, a very basic maki. what i will say is that the broccoli and carrot added a great little crunch to the roll, which you don't always get with the usual veg. a vegan staple ... easy & reliable. 

let's be honest. sushi is pretty much always a safe bet when it comes to vegan eating. and nicksan is no exception. a worthy stop for vegans in cabo.