mystic celt.

mystic celt has always been a favorite of our group, simply because it's fun. there's always a rowdy crowd there late at night ... and it's super close to our apt., located right in the heart of the southport corridor. 

i would categorize mystic celt as a bar & grill. but instead of always testing out the bar aspect ... last weekend, we tried out the grill. aka food instead of always drink.  

after i let our server know that i was vegan, a manager came over to discuss options. he let me know that they are working on a vegan menu (yay!) and gave me a few options of what i could eat. i was most interested in doing a pesto pasta or a veg wrap ... so we decided to combine them.

here's what i had ... 

pesto veggie wrap :
summer squash, asparagus, misc. bell peppers, onion, avocado & pesto 
w/ baked & seasoned waffle fries. 
not going to lie ... was still feeling the effects from the night prior. and this hefty meal was actually the perfect cure. the grilled veggies were delish, the avocado fresh, and the pesto light & flavorful. #winwinwin. 

but if i'm going to be completely honest, my favorite part was the baked waffle fries. here's how it went down ... the manager found out there is no longer a vegan fryer. that's okay, i'm used to that. skip the fries. but wait! "i can put them in the oven and bake them for you." yes, the fries were super yum. i mean, who doesn't love a seasoned waffle fry? but mostly, i just thought it was so so so so so nice of him to offer to bake the fries for me. in all my vegan eating days, that has never happened. so again, mystic celt gets another big #win in my book. 

i can't wait to see what their vegan menu turns out like. looking forward to another trip!