bloomington, indiana : upland brewing co.

in one of my last posts on bloomington, indiana, i mentioned upland brewing co. ... and how i wished i'd been able to eat there...

well, on a recent trip i did just that. and let me say, it was uh-mazing. not only was the food delish, but their understanding of veganism was also outstanding. plus & plus.

here's what i had ...

 southwestern tofu salad :
spicy vegan tofu, black bean & corn salsa, shredded carrots, toasted pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, crispy tortilla strips & mixed field greens w/ orange-ginger vinaigrette.

background on this meal... the rest of the weekend was to be spent even deeper into southern indiana... which i thought meant side salads w/ vinegar & oil dressing for me for the rest of my meals. so i was looking for something super delicious & filling for lunch. and i got it.

this salad was awesome. the tofu was sooo good. seasoned and cooked to crispy perfection. honestly... probably the best tofu i've had on a salad. ever. also, even though the only vegan dressing was an asian inspired one, it worked sooo well with this southwestern inspired salad! east meets west in vegan perfection. that should be the tagline for this dish.

basically, upland = awesome.
might be worth a trip down to bloomington in itself.