penny's noodle shop.

do you ever crave just some simple asian food?

i do. i loooove some rice noodles + tofu or soup + veggies. that's where penny's noodle shop comes in.

penny's is one of my favorite places to order carry out from ... mostly because they are fast. like really fast. like 15 minutes after you order fast. so if you are starving, it's the perfect place to order from.

so that's what happened last week. i was craving penny's and was starving all at once. here's what i got ...

vietnamese spring rolls :

rice paper wrapped around noodles, lettuce, sprouts, green onion, cucumber, cilantro, basil & carrots.
basic, fresh, delicious. not much else to say. except it did say they came with a tart mustard sauce, which it did not. i was unsure if the other sauces they came with were vegan, so i left those out.

vegetarian bowl :

thin rice noodles served with tofu, carrots, green onions, cilantro, ground peanuts & slices of lime (no cabbage or bean sprouts). i added extra chopped jalapeno.
again, basic, fresh & delicious. when you're in the mood for that, this is literally perfect. the toppings literally cover the noodles, so that's why i did just a couple closer up shots. i think you can actually see how fresh everything is.

the other thing about penny's is that the portions are big. i got two meals out of these dishes. so basically, penny's noodle shop = a+ for simple asian food. mmm. and now i'm craving it again.


  1. I agree with you on Penny's. The food is always super fresh never overcooked. I love to get the pad thai with tofu, you just have to tell them no egg, no fish sauce which I don't think they add any ways... but the egg you want to avoid.. and you've got delicious vegan fare!

  2. Anything else that's vegan at Pennys Noodles?

    1. hi, april!

      i'm honestly not sure. the one close to me closed ... and i haven't been in ages! if you find out, let me know! :)

      thanks for stopping by.


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