state restaurant & cafe.

when you think of a cafe, what image generally comes to mind? for me, it's a cute corner shop with outdoor seating, european coffee and little sandwiches on the menu. (see : any street corner in paris.)

however, chicago's got a different variation of the typical cafe in state restaurant & cafe ... which boasts, "with 100 flat-screen HDTVs, you’ll never miss a moment of sports action or breaking news." wowie.

i recently went to state for dinner before a friend's cocktail charity event. here's what i had :

hummus wrap :
homemade southwestern hummus, mixed with shaved zucchini, diced cucumbers & shredded romaine lettuce. 
i added avocado & swapped the low-card wrap to a spinach wrap here. it was pretty good & pretty basic. a little hummus heavy, but okay. what is funny is that this was on the sub 450 portion of the menu and didn't come with any sort of side! oh well. i got my own, which i'm thinking would not add that many calories ...

minty watermelon:
i was really pumped about this because i didn't know what it'd be like. it was literally just watermelon with a few specks of fresh mint leaves on it. really really really tasty. but not for $4.99. oops. 

overall, the food at state was good. the menu works well for vegans and they were pretty flexible with making changes. i'd definitely go back ... just not when i want to sip quietly on a cup of tea. maybe for a chicago playoff game.