rj grunts.

as my minor obsession with chicago's lettuce entertain you restaurants continues ... it'd only be appropriate for me to visit the very first lettuce entertain you restaurant ...  rj grunts : "the original lettuce entertain you creation."

rj grunts is most well known for their burgers. first minus for vegans.
but okay, they've got a veggie chili and a veggie burger. neither vegan. second minus for vegans.
according to our server, "yeah... we're not the best restaurant for vegans." at least she was honest... or so i thought.

rj grunts has an awesome, huge salad bar. so that's what this vegan had.
my selections included spinach, cucumber, tofu chunks (yum!), craisins, black olives... a chickpea salad and a couscous salad with balsamic vinegar.
 what i liked about my dinner at rj grunts is that i got to put exactly what i wanted on my plate and didn't have to annoy my server with substitutions. wins for all. the ingredients were fresh & tasty ... and i was full after just one big salad. great stuff! 

so at first glance, rj grunts isn't the ideal restaurant for vegans ... but a quick trip to the salad bar proves otherwise. i can't wait to head back.