pho & i.

since saigon sisters definitely does not deliver from their west loop location to my house in lakeview, i've been attempting to find a good pho place.

enter pho & i.

unfortunately, let's just say that saigon sisters blows pho & i out of the water in terms of deliciousness level of their pho.

here's what i had :

tofu goi :
 the classic vietnamese salad... shredded cabbage, carrot, mint w/ tofu and a tangy & sour dressing.
actually, pretty decent. not a big fan of peanuts, but okay. it had kind of a weird taste... some mint maybe? but overall, not bad. would i order it again? meh.

pho chay :
vegetarian noodle soup with fresh tofu and assorted vegetables in vegetarian broth.
this is the kind of soup i might want to eat when i've got a stomach ache... one word : bland.
the veggies were fresh, but it was just so so soooo bland. meh.

well... they all can't be winners. and unfortunately, pho & i is just one of those. i might try it again when i've got a super bad hangover. meh.