athenian room.

one of my most frequently asked, vegan related questions is ... "what do you eat when you've got a hangover?"

my answer : athenian room.

the vegetarian salad (which is actually vegan) is amazing ... hangover or no hangover.

so good, in fact ... that i got it on my most recent visit (and every previous visit). i present to you ...

vegetarian salad :
lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, kalamata olives, greek dressing & french fries. 
i actually can't figure out why this salad is so eff-ing good because it is super low budg. but it is so.eff-ing.good.

here's the pita it comes with ...
   not as good as andies restaurant, but still tasty. especially once it gets all soggy in the greek dressing.

and now, the pièce de résistance ...
vegan (!!!) baklava (!!!) :
 all i can say is hit the spot. yum.
(side note : there was confusion with the waitress as to whether or not this had butter ... when the owner clarified the recipe, she also gave me some baklava gratis for my troubles. woohoo! +++)

they've also got a few other vegan items (per the restaurant):
 - navy bean soup (only on wednesdays for a limited time).
 - cucumber salad w/out the tzatziki sauce.
 - tossed salad.
 - greek fries & french fries (cooked in soybean oil & with no non-vegan items... just fries).
 - olives.

athenian room -- fast. cheap. lots o' vegan goods.
try it out. asap.


  1. MMMMMM. Athenian Room date soon please?!?!?!


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