southport lanes.

the southport corridor is chock full of fun restaurants & bars. one of my favorites is southport lanes, a bar that also features a small hand-set bowling alley and several pool tables.

i've been to southport lanes several times ... and literally every time, i've gotten the hotel california sandwich with no cheese.

in order to fully 100% maintain the integrity of the blog, i decided to double check that the ciabatta bread that the sandwich comes on is vegan. the response i got : "none of our breads our vegan. they all have egg."

now, the likelihood of this being true is very small. in the past i have gotten the response that yes, the bread for this sandwich is vegan. i think this most recent visit, someone was just trying to cover their ass by not knowing whether or not it is vegan. i might understand if the breads were made at southport lanes ... but they are not. so to me, it's as simple as checking the ingredients label on the bag.

and maybe it actually is not vegan ... but if so, i would be more inclined to believe it is because there is some sort of milk or cream in the mix ... or maybe some kind of non-vegan wash on top. 

oh well, substitute a flour tortilla.

so here it it ...

hotel california :
sliced avocado, tomato, lettuce & cilantro pesto on a flour tortilla ... no potato chips, sub salad.
the flour tortilla made this not quite as delicious as it is with the ciabatta roll ... but still quite good. their side salad is really very good also. the veggies are crisp and fresh and it's not just clear iceberg lettuce. so another plus there. overall, a pretty decent lunch. 

southport lanes is a great place for food + drink. they just might be a little unclear about their ingredients, so be specific when ordering if you ever find yourself here. and you really should find yourself here sometime.