i've been wanting to go to pinkberry for years. literally ... ever since larry david went there in an (iconic) episode of curb your enthusiasm. but sadly for the veg community, they didn't a vegan offering.

until now! as of a few months ago, pinkberry has vegan a tropical mango flavor. woot!

but first, a bit about this fine establishment : "pinkberry is the original tart frozen yogurt brand from los angeles, ca. starting in 2005, the brand reignited the phenomenon for frozen yogurt ... we create distinctive products by selecting & combining fresh ingredients so they taste as good as they are for you." leggo!

here's what i had ...

tropical mango dairy-free froyo :
coconut shreds & fresh blueberries & strawberries.
i tried to hold off until it was hot out to head over to old town to try this. but since this summer has been more like a continuous april, we decided on a pit stop during the old town art fair. in terms of taste, this was pretty mmm. but i was more excited that i finally got to have a pinkberry than anything else. 

if it would ever get hot out & i lived closer, i can imagine that pinkberry would be a regular stop for me. it definitely hits the spot for a cool summer treat. (especially since anthony's closed.) until next time! 

1553 n. wells st.
chicago, il 60611