cobra lounge.

there's a bar / restaurant / brewery called cobra lounge right down the street from my office ... literally, like 2 seconds away. i've been for drinks before, but never food ... & since they recently renovated, added the brewery & opened a patio, it seemed like the time had come for a visit!

here's a quick description of this joint : "the vibe here is pure rock & roll mixed with freshly prepared food, great hospitality & a live energy that is uniquely cobra lounge chicago." nice!

here's what i had ...

vegan veggie burger :
house made blend of black beans, peppers & mushrooms served on a multigrain ciabatta w/ avocado ... side salad w/ lemon-ginger vinaigrette. 
veggie burgers are hit or miss for me ... this one was surprisingly good. very fresh, great flavors ... the bun was awesome. the avocado was a perfect addition. (& is usually the perfect addition to a veggie burger.) my only complaint / question was that i'm pretty sure the base was pinto beans, not black beans. maybe they ran out of bbs. but still fine!

since cobra is so close to my place of work, it's nice to know there's always an easy, tasty vegan option just down the block. so if you're in the food looking for some beers & brews, check 'em out!

cobra lounge
235 n. ashland ave.
chicago, il 60607