a couple weeks back, my pal (hi, duarte!) & i made a last minute decision to grab some post-work bites ... since we had a stop to make in lakeview beforehand, trying out the (somewhat) new barcocina on sheffield made perfect sense.

le about section : "barcocina fuses traditional mexican cuisine & various multicultural cooking techniques into modern mexican fare. our fresh ingredients & three distinct beverage categories will let out your sweet, smoky & spicy side while you drink to the joys of life." cheers! 

our server lost his "vegan virginity" on me ... but he was very knowledgable & knew exactly what was vegan. so we got basically all the vegan stuff. here's what i had ...

salsa verde :
tomatillo, jalapeño & mexican oregano.
per our server's recommendation, we went with the salsa verde over the salsa roja. we were definitely glad we did. traditional, but untraditional is the only way i can describe it. really tasty.

oaxaca style guacamole :
serrano chile, red onion & lime.
what seemed to me to be some authentic guacamole ... a little more whipped than i usually go, but still delicious! we had no problem finishing this bowl. 

green mango quinoa salad :
baby greens, jicama & citrus herb vinaigrette. 
this salad was the real treat of the entire meal. i'm not a big quinoa person, but was in the mood for a salad, so i went with it. it was so freaking good. this red quinoa is infinitely better than normal quinoa & the rest of the ingredients were equally awesome. super filling (or maybe that was the pound of tortilla chips i ate), so perfect for dinner.

i've gotta say ... barcocina might become a little bit of a go-to for me in my hood. it was that good. see ya there?

2901 n. sheffield ave.
chicago, il 60657