tarboush mediterranean grill.

as you all now ... friday lunch at my office is always a major to do. whether it's deciding what to bbq or where to order from, it's just always a lengthy discussion. last friday, we decided to try somewhere new. enter tarboush mediterranean grill in bucktown / wicker park.

i was pumped from the get go because their grubhub page clearly states which items are vegan. (not going to say it's 100% accurate ... see feta hummus. but they're trying.)

anywho, here's what these peeps are all about : "tarboush grill is a family owned & operated restaurant, serving mouth-watering middle eastern cuisine to customers in the beautiful chicagoland area." so lovely!

here's what i had ...

veggie sampler :
 a combo plate of hummus, baba ghanouj, dolmas, falafel & tabbouleh (or other salad choice!)
... with pita & tahini sauce.
kind of the middle eastern catchall ... but i guess that's what a sampler is, amirite? this was awesomeeee. i don't care that it was served & eaten in a styrofoam container. that didn't affect it's tastiness. hummus, good. baba, good. dolmas, gooood. all in all, delish. 

it only took one meal for us to decide that tarboush is now officially our go-to for middle eastern / mediterranean food. sorry, baba pita.

tarboush mediterranean grill
1608 w. north avenue
chicago, il 60622