anthony's homemade italian ice.

my favorite dessert place in the neighborhood is anthony's homemade italian ice ... name self-explanatory.

josh and i have been going to anthony's since we moved to the southport corridor over three years ago. they've got a ton of vegan italian ice options, as well as a bunch of other items for our non-vegan friends (like ice cream, pizza & soups).

i absolutely love anthony's chocolate italian ice. it's rare that i get a good chocolate fix ... and a little cup of this heaven can do the trick.

lately, i've been branching out and trying the other flavors ... mango (amazing) and coconut (so fresh & light) among others ... this most recent visit, i opted for two new flavors in the tiny child cup option. perfect for a sweet dessert.

here's what i had ...

lemon lime italian ice :
super citrus-y (obviously) & flavorful.
black cherry italian ice :
my new go-to.
so so so good. can't believe it took me three years to try.
the real cherry chunks are the best part. and it kind of tastes like a slushee. so win-win.

basically, anthony's is the perfect summer treat. always light. always fresh. always delicious. i could go for a cup of black cherry think i'll head down the street now. meet ya there?


  1. I walk past Anthony's all the time and have never gone in to check it out. Your photos have convinced me that I most definitely should stop by! Black cherry italian ice. Holy yum. Thanks!

    1. you should definitely try it! they've got a ton of other options that i didn't mention. but yes, black cherry is holy yum ! enjoy. :)


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