homemade pizza company.

i have been going through an insane pizza phase lately. lou malnati's, frasca... you name it.

recently, i've gotten back into homemade pizza company. there's a bunch all over chicago... but there's one right on southport ... so it's pretty much amazing. homemade pizza co is different from your average pizza place since you actually have to cook your own pizza. (hence the name.)

but this is my favorite part about it ... not only can you customize your pizza to however you want it,  you can also have it cooked however you like! i prefer my crust a little bit undercooked, so you can see why i would enjoy this so much.

i'm a weirdo about pizza. so from hmpc, here's what i got :

tomato sauce, black olives + marinated artichokes.
pre-cooked :

post-cooked :

simple, i know.
but so delish. here's why ...

so so so so good.
so here's what you do ... 
1. go to whole foods, tj's or your grocer of choice ... get a bunch of kale, olive oil + fresh garlic.
2. call hmpc ... order a pizza ... get your pizza ... put it in the oven.
3. chop up a ton of garlic and toss it in a pan with the olive oil.
4. wash your kale and pull the leaves off the big stems. toss the kale leaves into the garlic + oo, mix and let steam. (let it be known that this is basically the only cooking i do ... steaming kale.)
5. pile kale onto your pizza & enjoy.
6. thank me later.