new york city : alice's tea cup.

imagine the cutest place in the world ... what did you see? if you're me, you see alice's tea cup, a super cute restaurant on the upper east side (also, with locations on the upper west side and upper upper east side ... yes, those are the official names).  

at first, alice's tea cup did not make it on our list of "must-eats" as we thought they didn't have any vegan offerings. boy, were we wrong. here's what i had :

i was waaay too excited for my vegan blueberry-orange scone (!!!), so i may have forgotten to snap a good photo of it. i was, however, able to organize an artsy instagram shot ...
 it was delish. our waitress told us that even the brits who visit say that their scones are better there than in the uk. i say, a vegan scone is a good scone.

i also had an actual meal :
 vegan tomato & broccoli soup + 
a half roasted cumin carrot & olive tapenade sandwich on semonlina w/ black sesame seeds.
the sammie was good - but there was something off about it. the soup was also good. nothing off about it. just a basic soup.

here's me : pretending to sip tea, but really just enjoying ma cloche. 

basically -- alice's tea cup is a must try for vegans...  particularly vegan scones. if you're in nyc, definitely check it out.

a quick recommend : call ahead for flavors ... one of the other locations only had pineapple. meh?