bread & wine.

since bread & wine opened last year (ish?), josh & i have been wanting to try it out. it's a little bit off the beaten path for us (being in irving park and all. ha, pathetic.) ... so it did take us a while to get here.

but we had a friend in town one weekend and decided it was the perfect opportunity to try it ... and let me say, this "neighborhood american bistro ... focusing on farm to table fare" was worth the wait ...

here's what i had :

house marinated olives :
obviously. yum.
a perfect app for me. 

sunflower seed crusted tofu :
served with mashed english peas & a cucumber dill salad. 
 also, yum. this was soooo tasty. and perfectly vegan on it's own with no modifications! go bread & wine! 
my only complaint is that i wanted mooore of it! i love me some tofu and this preparation was unique and delicious.

a few comments from the peanut gallery :
 - the building used to be a laundry mat, which i just found hilarious.
 - they have a great little outdoor eating area ... perfect when chicago decides not to be a complete & utter sauna. 
 - they love their peas at this place. there are 3 dishes on the menu that feature peas.
 - the wine portion of our meal was absolutely fantastic. however, no bread came with it. wah!
 - my very non-vegan husband & friend both had the beef & chorizo burger ... and both thought it was amazing. so any non-veggies can certainly enjoy this little joint, as well.

basically, bread & wine is a great place to dine. if you're in the area (or not), it's definitely worth stopping by. they also serve brunch, which i am very interesting in trying. i'm looking forward to going back!