nha hang viet nam.

my fam likes to do something a little different for easter ... instead of your traditional easter meal (e.g. ham, ew.), we like to go out for an untraditional meal.

this year, we decided on vietnamese. and i knew just the place right on argyle in uptown : nha hang viet nam. (unofficial facebook page! ... that's right ... this place is so tiny, they don't have a website!)

i heard about nha hang viet nam from one of my friends / co-workers. (hi, erik!) he's got great food taste & is kind of a regular at nha hang viet name, so i knew it'd be good.

here's what i had ...

goi cuon chay :
vegetarian spring roll w/ lemongrass tofu, lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, chive & vermicelli. 
the lemongrass tofu in this spring roll was delicious!! 

pho chay :
vegetarian noodle soup w/ broccoli, bok choy, pea pods & soft tofu.
this reminded me a lot of the pho from pho lily ... fresh veggies, great flavor ... overall delicious!

much like the other vietnamese restaurants on argyle, nha hang viet nam is just a dinky lil' shop with great food. if you're in the mood for authentic vietnamese, check them out!

nha hang viet nam
1032 w. argyle st.
chicago, il 60640


  1. You should check out BaLe if you haven't. They have awesome salad rolls and several vegan banh mi sandwiches.

    1. i haven't been yet ... but i definitely will! thanks for the recommendation!!

      and thanks for reading!! :)


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