pizzeria del mercato.

ok, i promise. this will be the last pizza post for a while. (okay, except the amazing one coming next week ... and until the coalfire opens up near my apartment.) it's just been a pizza-y kind of spring for me, what can i say? anyway ... more lunch pizza!

pizzeria del mercato first entered into my life a couple years ago. they opened up when my office was still working out of our old racine ave. location just a mere 50 yardss from our front door. (this was dangerous for a pizza-lovah like me.) since we moved further west, i've managed to resist the temptation to get this every damn day of the week. until now.

anyway, here's what they've got to say : "at pizzeria del mercato, you will taste the flavor of truly italian herbs, olives & tomatoes. we aim to keep the authentic italian flavor in each of our creations." sounds great. but that's not the best part.

the best part is that their menu clearly marks what's vegan with two little asterisks. (example : **) no confusion!!

here's what i had ...

marinara pizza :
tomato sauce, garlic & oregano. added olives & artichokes.
crispy thin crust ... kalamata olives (upgrade!) ... general tastiness. enough to serve two not hungry people or one very hungry person. (on this day, i was the latter.)

pizzeria del mercato is kind of a big hole in the wall. (is that possible?) unassuming & kind of unexpected! but nevertheless, an ideal lunch spot for sure. now that my tastebuds have been reminded of their awesomeness, i'll be back fo sho.

pizzeria del mercato
1154 w. fulton market
chicago, il 60607


  1. I am glad that I finally got a chance to check out this place. Great views, food is nice. The quality of service at event halls in Philadelphia was great, and the environment were pretty comfortable. I’ll say I will look forward to visit again.


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