beantown bound!

hey, team! travel update ...

tomorrow, josh & i are heading to boston! 

just time for a little vacay ...
& what better place than the home of one of my favorite movies! 

i'm calling this trip "fever pitch reenactment weekend." (yes, i plan on tweeting at jimmy fallon & drew barrymore the entire trip. get ready, josh.)

time for some yankee dancing! 
here we are at a rainy white sox game ...
sub in a red sox starter jacket for me & a red sox hat for josh & this is probably what we will look like in again 2 days time. 

anywho ... from the research i'm doing, boston doesn't appear to be the most vegan-frandly place i've ever been, but i've found a few good spots (including vegan italian & vegan donuts, mmm.) ... so stand by! 

have a nice rest of the week & weekend, everyone!