boiler room.

some of my coworkers (read : one of them, duarte) have been rambling on about the awesomeness of boiler room for a while now. so one thursday evening, we decided to round up some of the gang & head to logan square for some eats.

boiler room does this fancy little daily special called the pb&j ... which stands for pizza, beer & jamo ... 1 slice of pizza, 1 pbr, 1 shot of jameson ... all for the low, low price of $8.50!!! for us vegans, this is only available on tuesdays ... so i didn't get to experience it for myself, as i went on a thursday. but i can definitely see the appeal. i mean, duh.

since i was lucky enough to go with not one, but two other vegans (hi, tnaya & anthony!), we decided to split a whole pizza ... the bee vegan, to bee exact. (lol.)

bee vegan :
sounds amazing, right?

here she is ...

whole pie :
photo cred : anthony.
this pizza was so big, i needed a 6+ footer to get up for the snap! 

fancy shot :
photo cred : duarte.
this is what happens when you are friends with people in the design industry.

close up of slice one of two :
guys, this is legitimate, cornmeal-y, fold-your-slice-in-half new york style pizza. as a chicagoan, that doesn't always mean i'm on board. just kidding. all pizza is the bomb, right? and dayum, this was good. i could have used a little more green pepper, but i'm a green pepper fiend, so that's really my problem. 

all in all, boiler room is a winner. as my spring obsession with pizza continues on, i know that i will be back to this joint in the summer, fall & winter ... watch out, br. who's in?!

boiler room
2210 n. california ave.
chicago, il 60647