tippling hall.

when tippling hall opened in river north a while back, i was really excited. i love a new restaurant, as we all know. so when one of our frequent girls' nights came around (& this time, with special visitor from nyc ... hi, melissa!!), we though it'd be the perfect spot to try.

tippling hall is about : "global comfort food" & they "offer the best of the best, be it food, cocktails, wine or beer." sign me up!

here's what i had ...

shishito peppers:
sesame oil & togarashi. 
i really like togarashi. these were super delish.

signature guacamole :
goat cheese on the side. house made tortilla chips. 
 i rarely order guacamole when dining out, especially when not at a mexican restaurant. (i mean, chipotle has the best guac, why spent $10 on subpar avocado mash!?) anyway, this version was really really great & very fresh! so i was very happy we did.

vegetable seven grain thai bowl :
fried rice, ginger, garlic & chilies. 
a side that serves 2 that i got for my main plate.
good, but also kind of meh. not really a main plate, my bad. spicy though, that's for sure!

tippling hall ... great appetizers, so so main dishes. limited vegan options for main dishes (which is maybe why i got this in the first place). it could have just been me, maybe it was our server's lack of suggestions, but i wasn't obsessed. i know that their thing is "global comfort food," but there was just a lack of cohesion on the whole menu. maybe next time ...

646 n. franklin street
chicago, il 60654