pho lily.

2014 has been the year of asian food for me so far. let's be honest, no complaints. especially when you read this one ...

tonight's post : the third installment of the halley-katie-tnaya show -- vegan co-workers night out! in the midst of this snowy, cold, frigid, freezing, icy, gross winter we opted for something warm & cozy. to be honest, i'm about to change your life with this.

enter pho lily. at pho lily, they "take pride in serving the best pho." well, i can attest. it is, in fact, the best pho-cking pho. in the city. maybe the world.

here it is :

pho toppings :
thai basil, jalapeƱo, limes & sprouts. 
the classics in their freshest form. beautiful.

pho rau cai dau hu :
fresh rice noodles w/ mixed vegetables & tofu. no mushrooms.
holy pho deliciousness. veggies? amazing. tofu? hot & crispy. broth? words cannot describe the absolute perfection that is this broth.

instead, i'll say this : i cannot stress to you enough how badly & quickly you need to get up to uptown for the pho at pho lily ... literally. now. go.

pho lily
5100 n. broadway
chicago, il 60640