shiso japanese restaurant.

one day, my vegan gal pal (hi, tnaya!) & i were looking for some fresh air out of the office. after much discussion on where to eat lunch, we eventually landed on sushi ... which led us to shiso japanese restaurant, located on north avenue in old town.

a quick bit about this hip joint : "shiso presents a pleasant japanese restaurant & sushi bar where you can enjoy flavorful, unique & healthy cuisine." just what we were looking for.

here's what i had ...

 vegetable maki :
top : kampyo roll - marinated sweet gourd.
bottom : avocado roll - obvi. 
it doesn't get much more basic than this. 

but that's not always bad. in this case, we were wanting a quick, healthy bite. so these two delicious little rolls were pretty much ideal.

shiso is definitely a place i can see myself returning to for the following reasons ... 1. quick. 2. easy. 3. byob. can't go wrong.

shiso japanese restaurant
449 w. north avenue
chicago, il 60610