new items : bellyq.

i've only posted on maybe a couple restaurants more than once ... not that i am exhausting my options in chicago at all, but sometimes - you've just got to return to an old favorite.

so when josh & i scored tickets to a bulls game a couple weeks ago (thanks, carlyyyy.), we decided to dine in the area ... we landed at bellyq.

since my last visit to bellyq, they have made some big changes to the menu ... lots of revisions to the old items. all of this was very exciting to me, of course.

here's what i had ...

kale & green papaya salad :
grapes, smoked onion & rice puffs.
i know i have referenced the big salad episode from seinfeld before ... this salad here is an example of exactly the kind of salad i want a big big big version of. so freaking delicious. also ... hello, kale ... i love you.

vegetarian hot pot :
soft tofu & root vegetables. no egg.
what a perfect change for winter. super seasonal root veggies = awesome. but my absolute favorite part of this soup? every time i thought i had eaten all the perfect little rice patties, i'd find another. and another. and another. i can't exactly explain to you how great the rice patties are, so i won't try. but i suggest you go over there and try them for yourself. you will be quite pleased.

griddled chinese broccoli :
asian giardiniera & lemon zest. no parmesan.
i'm always down to try a vegan side dish. and something that comes with asian giardiniera, something i've never heard of? obviously i'm going to have to order it. the giardiniera was really good and i love all greens, so this was a definite win.

bellyq also offers a sweet potato side that is vegan, which we took to go. i snacked on them the next day ... holy tastiness. 

i'd say winter is the time to head to bellyq ... hot soup, warn veggie sides, freaking amazing salad. check it out.


1400 w. randolph street
chicago, il 60607