first post of 2014! happy new year, everyone! let's get this food party kicked off ...

ok, i know sometimes (aka, almost always) sushi posts are boring. i mean, as much as a i love a good, perfectly fresh avocado roll, it's pretty much the same every.single.time.

however, this is not another boring sushi post.

here, we have arami, a sushi bar in ukrainian village ... per their website, "updated traditional feeds the urban dweller at this innovative sushi &  japanese kitchen spot. enjoy high quality sushi in our peaceful, natural, garden like atmosphere." ah, zen dining. just how i wanted to start 2014.

and here's the thing about arami. it's not just avocado rolls + cucumber rolls + boring veggie roll central. you'll see. here's what i had ...

nira yasai :
garlic chive, vegan lemon mayo, pickled pear.
vegan lemon mayo? sign me up. now. this was my favorite of the 3 rolls i had/shared. super flavorful & just generally good. see what i meant?

kabocha yasai :
saikyo miso & white soy. 
a little more traditional, but still ultra tasty. (for non-vegs, this came with honey + almonds on top.)

nasu yasai :
eggplant & peanut red miso dressing. 
another super fantastic roll. eggplant & i have only a so-so relationship, but this preparation worked quite well for me.

my only issue with arami is ... that it's not the place to come if you are hungry. the rolls are pretty small ... so as delicious as they are, they won't fill you up. 

see? i told you this wasn't a boring sushi post. 

1829 w. chicago avenue
chicago, il 60622


  1. This looks super delicious! Thanks for such a great blog :) I have a quick question if you have the time... I'm pretty new to Chicago (your blog has been amazingly helpful!) and my friends want to try a place or two for Restaurant Week, but I'm afraid my being vegan will place a strong limit on our options. I was wondering if you've ever had success with Restaurant Week and, if so, which place(s)? Thanks so much!

    1. hi, kate!

      thanks for reading! i actually have never done restaurant week! i've been to many of the restaurants involved, but never during restaurant week. so unfortunately, i don't have much advice to give! but looking at the list, many of the restaurants are very accommodating to dietary needs, so if you call ahead of time, it may work out!

      good luck! and thanks again for reading!


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