stan's donuts.

when i heard that stan's donuts in wicker park / bucktown was offering a new vegan donut ... let's just say i was beyond excited.

but first ... the detail's of how stan's donut's chicago came to be : "rich labriola, president of the labriola baking company, partnered with stan berman, founder of stan’s donuts, to bring the more than 50-year-old donut shop to the midwest. … after seeing stan on a tv travel show & admiring his passion for his donut business, rich decided to reach out to stan. the result of the new friendship was a partnership to bring the classic california-style donuts to chicago with a labriola twist." chicagoans, count this as a win for us.

now, the pièce de résistance ... here it is ...

vegan specialty donut :
let's be honest. every kind of donut is my kind of donut. but really, this one hit the spot x infinity. it may look like your basic fluffy, sugar-coated delight. and maybe it is. but it doesn't change the fact that it's amazing.

i'm hoping that stan's will open up a lakeview outpost for convenience reasons ... because i see many donuts in my future. thanks, stan's! 

**update!! apparently, while the vegan donuts do follow a vegan recipe ... they are fried in the same vegetable oil as all the regular donuts at stan's. do with that what you will ...!

stan's donuts
1560 n. damen avenue
chicago, il 60622


  1. Stan's donuts are actually not vegan. They contain a "small amount" of lard in the dough.

    Also, they are fried in in the same vegetable oil as "everything else" - including lard.

    Source: stansdonutschicago (instagram)

    Exact Quotes from Stan's Donuts Chicago -(

    1. * Stan's "vegan" donuts are actually not vegan.

    2. hi, there.

      i think on the first part, you are reading it wrong. they say there is a vegan recipe for the vegan donuts.

      but it does appear they are fried in the same old as the regular donuts. i'll update my post to reflect this.



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