parlor pizza bar.

let's face it, people. pizza is awesome. any time, any day ... for some reason, it seems like more & more pizza joints have opened up in chicago over the past couple of years. yea, i know. we're a pizza city. but i don't mean deep dish ... it's that tasty thin crust that's the hot ticket around town.

anyway ... parlor pizza bar in the west loop opened up last fall (i think). since it's so close to my office, it's been on my radar basically since then. welp, i finally went there a couple weeks ago!

about parlor : "located in the heart of the west loop, parlor’s menu features fresh, local ingredients for brunch, lunch, dinner & late-night service. … each & every pizza is a generous 12 inches & includes a range of seasonal, local ingredients to create the perfect, crispy neapolitan-inspired pizza." woot!

they also say that they "welcome guests from every walk of life." read : vegans welcome.

here's what i had ...

white bean hummus :
baby heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots & bread.
request non-garlic bread (butter, duh). 
i'm a fan of almost all hummuses (hummusi?). this was no exception. i also loved the addition of tomatoes to the normal hummus eating instruments. 

marinara pizza :
w/ spinach & red onion. 
DELICIOUS. i was sad they don't have olives as an available pizza topping (what??), but i survived. thin pizza like this with so much sauce + watery veggies (i'm looking at you, spinach) can sometimes get a little sloppy. this wasn't too bad upon the first eating ... but the leftovers were a disaster. but that's not parlor's fault! 

will i be back to parlor pizza bar? yes. do i want some right now? yes. do i think you should try it too? yes!

parlor pizza bar
108 n. green street
chicago, il 60607


  1. Oh my gosh thank you for this post! I was just invited here (the wicker location) and I was hoping there was some options! Thank you for posting this!


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