pizza east.

ok, enough with the pizza posts, i know!! but this one isn't so pizza-centric, so hopefully you can forgive me.

this time, i ate at pizza east, located on the first floor of the ultra-exclusive soho house, all of which is conveniently (for me) located in the west loop.

about : "pizza east offers a modern take on a pizzeria ... our passion for sourcing quality ingredients is at the heart of everything that comes from our wood ovens." menu, please! 

here's what i had ...

bib lettuce :
avocado & mustard vinaigrette.
so simple, yet so delicious. also, very easy to recreate at home. now i've gotta get my hands on that mustard vinaigrette recipe.

tuscan kale & vegetable soup :
with vegan ciabatta!
wait ... YUM!! they also prepped a special vegan ciabatta for me, which was maybe the best part of the entire meal. this soup was what you might call hearty ... a legitimate meal.

tomato & black olive pizza :
no burrata. 
hello, funny-shaped slice o' pizza. 
again with the kalamata olives! delish. and the super chunky tomatoes were lovely.

i'm looking forward to heading back to pizza east ... both to eat more of that damn good soup & ciabatta AND for more vegan 'za. check 'em out!

pizza east
113-125 n. green street
chicago, il 60607