fat rice.

i love to try new restaurants ... new to me that is, since fat rice in logan square has been around for a little while now. last december, i started a "2015 eating list" (copyright pending) & fat rice was at the top of said list.

per the fat rice website : "drawing influence from the euro-asian unions of china, india & southeast asia's colonial past, the food at fat rice combines homestyle comfort with exotic, lesser known ingredients & flavors. influences are rooted in the travels of the portuguese & the countries they touched over the past 500 years." holy portuguese expansionism heaven!

because that's how i do, i went to fat rice with an actual portuguese dude. (hi, duarte!) so not only did get to eat this tasty fusion, but i also got a mini-lesson on just how the portuguese would have prepared these items without the asian influence. foodie thumbs up!

here's what i had ...

malay vegetable curry :
seasonal vegetables, sweet potato, tofu puffs & cashew curry.
how beautiful is this? look at those colors!!! not only was it so pretty, but it was also so tasty. i love pretty much all forms of curry, so i knew i'd love it no matter what. but this dish went above & beyond my normal curry expectations. it also was just packed with veggies, many of which i did not know what they were so i did not eat. but that's on me.

fat rice has cute little icons on the menu that let you know just what ingredients / allergens are in each dish. so i had a pretty good idea when i got there of what was vegan or could be prepared vegan ... but i was especially thrilled when our server officially told me the malay curry was on that list. highly recommend & i can't wait to go back!

fat rice
2857 w. diversey
chicago, il 60647