pizza metro.

i'm sure i've noted this before, but we're big pizza fans at my office. so when friday rolls around, it's often the cuisine of choice for our big group lunch orders. one of our favorites, you ask? pizza metro in west town / ukrainian village. (or somewhere like that, i never know what's what around there.)

since my office has been ordering from pizza metro for literally the past 5 years ... i've never eaten it. when we finally made the phone call to investigate the vegan options, i was so so happy to learn that both the crust & sauce are vegan. oh, hell yeah!

here's what i had ...

marinara pizza :
cheese-less square pizza w/ garlic, pepper, olive oil, black olives & green peppers.
sorry this photo looks kind of revolting in the box w/ the lil greasy marks hanging out. but damn, was this good. if you don't like garlic, don't even bother. because this pizza is a garlic lover's dream. oh. the crust is also amazing. might be salivating a little bit just thinking about it.

will we order from pizza metro again? certainly. will i eat it again? most definitely. can't wait!

pizza metro
1707 w. division street
chicago, il 60622


  1. The manager at this place suggested we make custom choices and make the menu a little more personalized. The next time you need to hold a conference, have NYC events, or set up a whiskey tasting, think about doing it at this venue.


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