new york city : alice's tea cup - chapter 2.

lil' breakfast post 1 of 2. 

just wanted to give a quick shout out to alice's tea cup.

i've brunched at alice's once before ... and when i came back to nyc for this visit, i knew a second stop was necessary. alice's has three locations. we returned to chapter 2, located on the upper east side. not only was their scone option the most appealing, but it is also conveniently situated near the central park zoo. sea lion play pen, anyone?

so here it is ...

banana & walnut scone :
w/ raspberry jam.

side view :
look at the size of that puppy!
words cannot describe the tasty that is this scone. fluffy on the inside, crisped perfection on the outside. smear on the raspberry jam & you've got yourself a good old-fashioned food-gasm. ain't nothing wrong with a little sugar in the morning. 

sip sip :

& mah bestie, melissa.

so thank you, alice's tea cup ... for being adorable & making fantastic vegan scones.

156 east 64th street
new york, new york 10021